Friday, March 06, 2009

I'm a hater

Ok, so I have this secret obsession to see Britney Spears fall flat on her face and bomb her tour.  Recently, the reviews have been mixed.  I spent hours waiting on Perez Hilton's review of Circus and he just ended up sucking her dick the whole time.  Of course Britney's people gave him tickets and showcased him in one of her videos, there is no way he is going to kill that cash cow.  But what kills me are the positive reviews of her "banging" body.  You mean this one?

Yah Yah Yah I found the most unflattering pics I could.  I know this.  But it looks like someone has her outfits made a  little too tight.  And yes she looks so much better than months ago, but "banging, smoking hot?"  Not yet honey.

I feel the reason I dislike her stems a lot on her parents actions of putting her back in the spotlight.  She is obviously mentally unstable and needs to spend time away from the public and be a mom to her children.  But no, Britney goes on tour and bring her kids along??  Wow, she's the cool mom.  

I just don't hate on Brit Brit.  I hate HoHan and Wonky too.


Dana said...

I want to be a hater but I end up liking her music :o( I wish she had better parents that would hide her from the public for at least a year to clean up and get healthy. But Britney is their cash cow, so they will put her out there to make money

weston and sara said...

imagine if she had stayed with justin... how much more stable she would be. oh, but that would make dawn hate her even more! :)