Sunday, March 22, 2009


For all of you normal, non-craft geeks who are confused by the term above, it is:  Work In Progress.

I honestly don't have very many lying around as I hate to not finish a project.  But I have one. It's a big one.  Last year I wanted to make a festival blanket for Matt around ACL time.  It did not get done due to my lack of motivation during the Summer.  But now I am renewed. Hopefully I can get this one done soon and move onto my next plan.  Here is an photo example of my upcoming project.

This is called a starghan. You can do any color combination imaginable. I haven't figured out which colors I want to try and if I should sell it or keep it for myself. It would be a fabulous baby gift I suppose. 

Here is Matt's festival blanket.  It's getting there.  Eventually.  Hopefully.  Soon.

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