Tuesday, September 16, 2008

torture thine name is dawn

18 days till the wedding. working out has been pretty fun for me, i do enjoy running now, thanks to nory, and i love doing the shred but the weight is taking its sweet ass time to drop off me. yes yes i know muscle is heavy and blah blah, yes i have muscles i have never had before but.....i'm not happy.

so i have decided to add a bit of torture into my life, as if i don't have enough with this wedding, and start the master cleanse. my main goal is to do a little bit of cardio/walking on the cleanse to kick start my weight loss. i know the MC is not the answer to a healthy life, as it detoxes your body and makes you lose a ton of water weight. basically you gain back everything when you begin eating again. the first time i did the cleanse i lasted 14 days and lost quite a bit of weight. i kept it off for a while, but did not exercise a bit.

not this time. i'm going to stick to working out after the wedding and keeping my cravings out of my tummy. words of wisdom by yours truly.

by the way, it's freezing in my office.

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