Friday, September 05, 2008

runner's high

i think i may have caught it. today is day 3 of running in the mornings at town lake. actually, today wasn't a scheduled running day, but i asked my fabulous trainer to come with me this morning. even though getting up so early is a bit of a chore, i still love the way i feel when i run. i also love listening to the runner's podcast selection of music. it keeps you motivated when it hurts.

feeling a bit of guilt for not keeping up with the shred this week. last week i did about 6 sessions and none this week. sorry jillian.

tomorrow is my bridal shower. i'm excited since it's at one of my favorite places for brunch, taverna. it is also a lingerie shower, so i am expecting the worse from my friends. i'll make sure and take many pictures if my hands aren't full of mimosas.

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Sarah said...


I'm next door to a fredricks. So you know it's going to be bad!!