Monday, November 29, 2010

Texas Renaissance Festival!

Oh wow, this was quite an "interesting" event. First off, a piece of advice. DO NOT go on the last weekend and not expect horrendous traffic. It was terrible. We fought an additional 90 minutes of traffic, which left us with only 2 hours to play since we had to get back to Houston to watch the big OSU/OU game.

Back to the festival, it was really fun. It seemed like the boys had a good time and were quite captivated at how much effort people put into this. Having been once before and growing up as a self-proclaimed geek, I felt under-dressed in regular human clothes and wished I could have found those elf ears I saw others sporting. Heather and I got our faces painted, which brightened my mood. The food was good, with lot's of options. The crowds were manageable and the beer was OVERFLOWING.

My favorite part was spotting a centaur taking pictures. Heather and I gave him some money, walked up and took some shots. Then we said bye and he wouldn't let go. He kept hugging us and it was kinda funny, but a tad bit creepy. Maybe he has some kind of pregnancy fetish because if I was a half man/half horse, I would not be into prego chicks. Maybe minotaurs or tree nymphs....

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