Tuesday, September 15, 2009

well hello there lovies

What's been going on? Oh, let's see....Not much here. Recap of last weekend? Attended a Yelp Elite event @Twin Liquors Hancock. It was interesting...there were a lot of things they could not do, because of the TABC laws, that I wasn't aware of. Hence, I did not get sloshed. But we headed over to Nomad Bar and had a jolly good time with Dana and Jim and Jake. I'll throw a few pictures in here later since I'm not on the Mac.

Saturday was sadly disappointing, as Oklahoma State lost to UoH. They really picked up momentum during the second half, but it seemed the Cougars had a few sheer luck plays and beat them out. Matt and I were very sad....as OSU was ranked in the top 5. Now we are 16. Oh the AGONOY!!!! Texas won. Good for them. Here are a few pictures to make you feel better. Actually it makes me feel better.

Mmmmmm hi Zac! I still love you regardless.

Sunday was a fun day with my first experience at attending a fantasy football watch party. We went to Third Base @SouthparkMeadows. The food was shitty. Seriously. The beer prices were also way too expensive. After 3 hours we left and tried a new sportbar in our neighborhood called First Down and Stassney. It was ok. Cheap. That's all I can say honestly. Also, the season finale of True Blood was Sunday. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. I expected more. Next season should be filled with shocking revelations - if they follow any semblence of the book.

Wow, look at me go. Ok, back to work. Ciao kiddies!

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