Thursday, September 03, 2009

My darling husband RAWKS!

So in case you didn't get the message yesterday, it was my birthday. Hooray birthday. I actually had a fantastic day, thanks to my coworkers and my friends. Work was lots of fun, as you can tell from the previous post. I got roses and a beautiful orchid from my mother-in-law, birthday cake and a big sing along. I think getting flowers at work rules. Everyone comes into your office and smiles, then glares at you in jealousy behind your back. :)

Matt took me out for a surprise dinner to Perla's on South Congress. I'll write up a Yelp review shortly. Dinner was fantastic and we followed up at Hotel San Jose for drinks. It gets better folks. We come home and Matt makes me hide in the bedroom as he gets my present. I walk in and see the dining table wrapped in a bedsheet. Matt went to pick up some pieces of art by Hope Perkins. She is Jake's roommate and I have always loved her stuff.

So Matt lets me pick out a piece. And I pick this guy.....

I am in love with my new deer. Seriously. And my husband, of course.


weston and sara said...

i like it! now i see the birds & berries!

hlbman said...

ummmm......i don't even know what to say