Thursday, October 02, 2008

So close....

I can’t believe my wedding is 2 days away. I consider myself very lucky for keeping my cool these past few weeks. I do owe a lot of it to xanax. What a friend that beautiful pill has been to me.

Everything is pretty much done. There are a few things I need to get done on Friday, but nothing that will kill me. I’m slightly irked with my dress issue that came up recently. You can see my review on yelp. I’m pretty much over it, but it was my first “wedding drama” I had to deal with, so it’s staying with me slightly. The problem is solved and I should drop it. Another slight problem has been the music. Our DJ comes highly recommended, which basically means they are expensive. Well, I sent them our ceremony and reception play-list and they don’t have the majority of it on file. So it is my responsibility to get them a CD with all the songs. Isn’t that what I’m paying you for? It goes to show that most brides out there have TERRIBLE taste in music. We are not playing your typical wedding march crap like that. That’s what you get for trying to be different – more work.

Ok, enough bitching from yours truly. I am stuck here at work for another day and my plate is completely full. I have a huge pile of paperwork to work on and I don’t know if I can make a dent in it. The xanax is not helping me at all. I’m too goofy to be serious.  But I am looking forward to my massage in an hour. Then a fun waxing appointment after work. All these appointments and money. I can’t wait for it to be over and I can get fat and hairy once again.

I take that back. I am very, very happy with my weight loss. I haven’t been this size since Kim’s wedding. It’s a fabulous feeling to look at yourself naked and smile. Plus all the clothes I can wear again! It’s like a shopping trip in my closet. All the clothes pushed to the back are brand new to me!

Now back to work. No more fooling around. I know my 4 readers will be sad to see my lack of posts in the next week but be ready for a full blow picture blow out on the 13th.

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