Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to the real world!

Here I am. Please hold your applause. I know you have all been anxiously awaiting my return. I come back bringing many stories of wedding bliss. I don't want to make this post into an enormous read, so let me give you highlights.

The Rehearsal Dinner

This event went off pretty well. I was a bit worried with all the new family meeting each other for the first time, but it was smooth sailing.

We had dinner at Habana on 6th street. The food, drinks and tres leches was very good. I enjoyed seeing everyone sitting together and having a good time. No late night partying for me. I went to bed rather early. Matt stayed out and locked me out of the house. Good thing for Jesse's climbing skills. He made it into the bedroom window and got us back inside.

Wedding Day
Lucky for me we got to sleep in a little bit. Matt and I awoke together, and quickly got all our last minute packing done. Poor Matt, he was incredibly stressed out and wasn't himself. I guess it started to hit him all at once. But I digress...

Two hours later I am back at The Driskill in the bridal suite getting my makeup done.

It was nice to have my old high school best friend, Kyle Mills, make me pretty. My mom and all the girls arrived and the pictures began.

The Meet-up
I really wanted Matt and I to see each other before the ceremony. Since I am blessed with anxiety and panic attacks, I knew being together would help ease the stress. It did. I was so happy to see him and vice versa. Sarah got some amazing shots of us together alone. My advice on this, do it. Screw tradition. I was so relieved and comfortable being with Matt. Then we had more time to devote to wedding party pictures. Once again, Sarah did an amazing job with the photos outside The Driskill and in the back alley.

The Ceremony

Wow, we had a very short and sweet ceremony. Our officiant, Mike, was a delight. I really enjoyed our vows and readings. It was hard to look at Matt and not smile, laugh or cry. During the vows I started to tear up. I almost lost it and I could see Matt's eyes start to water. I held it in though and we kept on going. I did hear a few of the groomsmen sniffling (especially Jake and Martin!) and I knew my Mom was crying so I avoided looking over. I found a really interesting part of the ceremony called the "Box, Wine and Letter" ceremony. Basically, you write a letter on how much you love the other person, seal it in a box with some wine and glasses and seal it. Then if you have problems in the marriage, you open up the box together, read the letters and drink the wine. If you never have to open the box, then you save it for your 10th anniversary and read the letters with enjoyment! I had never heard of this before and really liked how unique it was.

The Reception

Oh words cannot begin to explain how much fun we had. The food, the cake, the dancing was AMAZING! Our first dance was so romantic. I fell in love with Matt all over again.

It was fantastic to see everyone on the dance floor. Then the music turned old school and we had that dance floor packed! It was great to let loose and dance with so many of our friends. Of course Ryan stole the show with his moves. Matt and I joked that it looks like Ryan is the attention whore of our dance photos.

I will let the pictures tell this story.

After the Reception

After we left The Driskill in our wedding pedicab, we took a run around downtown and headed back to the inside bar.

But before the bar, we spent our last moments upstairs with Sarah....

We got to spend more time with all our friends at The Driskill bar and invited the rest of the group upstairs to our bridal suite to continue the festivities with a few bottles of champagne.

The Honeymoon

We flew out to Mexico the next day around 11. The hangover wasn't too bad. I hate flying so my friend Mr. Xanax helped me out with the flight. We arrived in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico within a few hours and began drinking! We stayed with the Palace Resorts once again, this time choosing Aventura Spa Palace.

It's an adult-only, all-inclusive resort that caters to your every need. The food was excellent, the staff was incredibly nice and friendly. We didn't leave the resort though. We spent Sunday-Sunday eating, drinking, sleeping, laying out at the beach and pool and doing what most honeymooners do :)
We had a BLAST!

But now we are home. Matt has a business conference in Dallas this week so he had to leave early Monday morning. I got to stay home from work and open presents. Hooray! That was fun. Now I have a very dirty house to clean this week. Jake was very kind and watched the kids while we were gone. But now I have to throw out old kitchen glasses, pots and pans, etc and replace them with new ones! Really that's my only big chore. Mowing and watering the gardens needs to be done but it looks like rain is in the forecast for the next few days.

Oh, I do get to attend my first Oklahoma State homecoming this weekend. I am flying out Friday night and meeting Matt in Oklahoma for the game. Hooray! Since OSU is now ranked in the top 10, it should be exciting. Plus we are playing Baylor, so I am hoping for an easy win. Another plus....we get to hang out with Martin and Jessica!

Ok, enough from me. I'm pooped.

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weston said...

you blog very nicely. i realized at the end i was holding my breath the whole time.