Friday, April 04, 2008

the ups and down of financial responsibility

ready for a sad blog?

after reviewing our financial obligations to our new house, i noticed the majority of the wedding money we saved will be gone. right now i am feeling a lot of anger and guilt for not being on top of the possible extra charges required to buy a house.

the last thing i wanted to do was put our wedding expenses on credit cards, but that appears to be our best option. it's funny that i am mad at our new house. i don't want it to interfere with my perfect wedding. i was so excited that we already had the money put aside and there would be no issues of financial hardships in the future. no water and bologna sandwiches for us! we could still go out for steaks and pay for our honeymoon in one night!

but now reality has set in. time to grow up and get rid of my monthly strut spending fees and whole foods lunches. *sigh*

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sarah collins said...

Kids = no money.