Monday, April 28, 2008

moving on in....

this weekend has been incredibly exhausting, yet so worth it! we moved into our new house on saturday morning. we did the smart thing and hired movers. our yelp review will follow shortly. they were great and highly recommended.

thanks to a drunk jake and ryan, we got all our new ikea furniture assembled. i know matt preaches on about buying local, but we *heart* ikea. they really have some interesting and unique pieces.

sue and colotte are adjusting quite nicely. colotte had a rough first day but was doing better that night. both are underfoot at every minute, but they seem to be happy with the new space.

there is still quite a bit of unpacking to do. hopefully we can get it all done by this week. it's been surreal moving into a new place and leaving our old neighborhood. i will miss the far west neighborhood but change is good for the soul.

here are some pics. i'll add more once we get the rooms completed.


sarah said...

I love it! It looks great. You guys are like, adults now.

sara & weston said...

my dear, it looks lovely. i love the wall hangings & the couch. you live down here with us southies now. we have more personality- and less jews. j/k :)