Friday, March 28, 2008

i am done with zombie movies!

seriously. the last 3 movies have scarred me. my all-time scary movie has been "event horizon" for the longest time. now it has been replaced with "28 weeks later." i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate that movie with a passion.

"shaun of the dead" was pretty bad too. then tonight i add "i am legend." i don't want to spoil the movie but the sad part towards the end made me cry a lot. i think what i do is put myself in their position. that's what makes me so upset. like in "28 weeks later", i was so emotionally distraught at the beginning of the movie. his actions totally disgusted and scared me at the same time.

why am i even blogging this? it must be my fear of the zombies. blaaah.

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weston said...

hah! i hate zombie movies too, but for a different reason. they're all the same. "i am legend" was better. those "zombies" reminded me of the ones in "the descent." the movie that scared me to death was "the grudge." eeesh.