Sunday, March 02, 2008

besides being sick..

i'm really not doing much of anything. i have been working on crocheting a blanket, but i ran out of yarn. jo-ann's is also out of the yarn so i have to order it online. blah. matt picked out some yarn today and now he wants me to make him a blanket. so that's my new project for the moment.

i'm just laying around, losing weight and looking yellow. i'm suffering from extreme heartburn when i eat. i get these sharp pains all around my boobs. it only happens after i eat, so guess what? i'm not gonna eat.

we just saw juno. it was very good. i like movies like that. kinda bittersweet.

we are meeting with a possible florist wednesday. then we will decide between our djs this week and almost have the majority of vendors booked. all i need to do is find a dress, and order the invitations ( i already have them picked out.) maybe rent some linens and that really should be it for awhile. then i can sleep.

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