Friday, September 07, 2007

so much to do with no energy to do it...

"dawnita, what are you doing blogging in the middle of the day?" you may be asking. well i am being a naughty girl and blogging at work. see, a typical day of works entails a level of multi-tasking that would make others shit their pants. i can juggle 20 things at once and get them done within the hour. it's this crazy talent i possess. but sometimes i need to take a break and do something completely non-work-related. shopping all day is stressful. so here i am. blogging about absolutely nothing.

i love fridays...mainly because i get to take half-days! i also love fridays because we all go to mean eyed cat after work and drink beer. i dig the cat but i wish they had some food. they do a small amount of wasabi peanuts and trail mix but there are times i crave a burger with my pitcher of lone star. MEC doesn't serve the hard stuff either. beer is good but i like variety.

i think it may be time to get back to re-pricing sofas. oh wait, wedding updates anyone?

well, barr mansion still has the dates we want open but they won't refund any of our deposit. that means we have to be super sure we want to have the wedding & reception there. we need to look at aother places before we make the plunge. hopefully this week matt and i can knock out a few places....driskill, austin club and texas union hall. this has to be done before the 23rd. the 23rd is 2 wedding expos...which means everyone getting married will be attending and looking to make reservations. damn the other brides! barr mansion is mine!

ok later.

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