Sunday, September 23, 2007

decisions, decisions

here's a little wedding update. my parents checked out a few places with me and basically my mom hated barr mansion. i hated the texas union hall and we all loved the driskill. i wish they would give me a dollar amount so we can book something but they want me to continue looking around. i'm waiting on the four seasons to confirm an appointment (they haven't been very prompt in answering my emails so i'm not too happy already.) but at least i can give my parents exact costs on these wedding venue packages and hopefully get the damn ball rolling.

but we really love the driskill. it's so polished and beautiful. the price for the package we want is INCREDIBLY reasonable. it's practically the same price as barr mansion.

this is where we would have the wedding ceremony.

this is the second floor of the victorian room.

first level of the victorian room.

we will have the reception in the victorian room - 2 levels

so lovely.

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