Thursday, September 13, 2007

the austin club

so we checked this place out yesterday. members only 9th and brazos. they have a beautiful balcony overlooking the street. it's freakin right next to the capital. let's see....large ballroom with beautiful glass chandeliers. lovely, english dark wood bar area. we really liked it but...we felt the wedding ceremony would be lacking. they really have no special place to have a ceremony...except in the ballroom. i really don't want that. even though we aren't going the church route i don't want the ceremony to be thrown in the package and not special. there was a life sized painted portrait of our wonderful president in the hallway. now that can be a great conversation starter for all our guests.

i am going to try to stop by the union hall with my mom on saturday and see the place set up for a wedding. i really don't care for this place or location but my parents have this bee in their bonnet because a friend of my dads got married here and i guess it was a good deal. i say "who cares?" i don't want a good deal....i want amazing and fabulous please.

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