Friday, October 07, 2005

What lovely weather we are having

Yes, it is 63 degress inside our house. Can you believe it? Texas weather kills me. Anyways, I have the day off. Very exciting for me. Tomorrow is TX/OU weekend. The Fabulous Four are meeting at the Steens for early morning mimosas and breakfast. Then we are heading to Cody and Jessica's for some grilling, beer and game watching. We would love to go downtown but I doubt we have the stamina. Such things happen in our old age. But, I am excited to have a nice, relaxing alcoholic weekend to look forward too.

Our 2 year anniversary is coming up on Wednesday. Matt has to leave me that day and travel back home for the rest of the week. What will Dawn do? I better not sit at this damn computer all weekend. Maybe I will finish some books and get back into the gym. if! These new meds have made me super lazy and fatigued. I never have energy anymore. The gym seems like 45 miles away. I'll just drink my diet tea and shit the pounds away.

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