Monday, July 25, 2005

Where are you mail?

Well it appears we are missing some pieces of mail lately. I haven't received 2 invitations from Kim, a letter from my mom, some bills and Matt is missing a letter from his mom with money! Goddamnit. I hope we get these back eventually because they are important in my opinion...except for the bills. I don't care about those.

Yours truly is now a student! Hooray! I signed up for 2 classes online at Anybody Can Come. I'm excited in an accomplished sort of way since I tend to procrastinate on a daily basis. But not last Friday! So now I can flash my super duper ACC student card and get into movies for a cheaper price.....and get discounts and um all sorts of other things.

We had a nice weekend relaxing and not spending too much money. We frolicked at Norm's pool yesterday. It was very refreshing, even though I was nursing a slight hangover from the previous night at his house. But the warm water helped things out. Too bad the sun hid behind the clouds more than I would like. I need to get a better tan this summer. Hopefully this weekend will be looking sunny and we can get out to Barton Springs early Sat or Sun or both days! I can do 2 days of Barton Springs.

We met up with Matt's brother last night at Alamo Village and saw Batman Begins. We both agreed it was a good movie. Our friends call us "movie snobs" and I suppose we tend not to watch over-the-top blockbusters....but we made an exception. OOOh Christian Bale is so hot. Want to touch the hinney! I fell in love with Mr. Bale when he starred in American Psycho. In case you didn't know, American Psycho is my favorite movie.....besides Zoolander. You have to have a funny one and a dark one IMO. Matt has promised to take me to Willy Wonka this week. I am so excited to see this movie. I have always been a fan of Mr. Dahl when I was a wee lass. And I don't care about these fucking bullshit reviews from people who haven't read the book. Goddamnit the titles aren't even the same because its based on the BOOK and not the original movie you fucking retards. I just wish people would educate themselves and not depend on movies to feed their minds. That's just my opinion. HA!

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