Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Tuna Can Candle Holder

Ok, this one looks easy.  I like this project, it appears cheap and simple.

So I pick up clothes pins at the store, and luckily I have lots of tuna on hand.  I like the look of the bare pins but I want to add some color.  I ponder this one for a bit.  I have a few bottles of paint, but not enough for some variety.  And then it comes to me.....nail polish.  Oh yah, I have TONS of that....

And it begins.  It took longer than expected, as most pins needed at least 2 coats of polish.  But I learned to quickly swipe and move on to the other colors.

Here is the finished product:

I added a simple brown ribbon to the pink and green holder to spice it up a bit.  The other is more rainbow colored.  I didn't use votive holders but baby food jars.  I have a gazillion of them and knew I could put them to good use one day.

Overall I would say I'm pretty happy with this project.  I think I will put them outside and use them more likely at night.  If you look up close you can see the silver tuna can in the cracks.  I made an effort to space the pins as close as humanly possible and still you can see a little bit of can.  Oh well, I am sure they will look neat in the dark.

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