Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smuggling hams

So I posted my weekly belly (ok, they haven't really been every week) pic on Facebook and one of my friends remarked it looked like I was smuggling a ham under my shirt. I don't know why but that tickled me pink. I'm gonna keep that phrase and ride with it for awhile because, yes, it does look like I have a large ham, maybe a pot-belly pig hiding out in my t-shirt. Luckily I was in a good mood last night and my husband convinced me to take this picture with belly hanging out. I have to admit, it feels good to let that thing loose.

That about sums up how I feel most of the time.

Ok, smile Dawn.

The final stretch is fast approaching. My 30th week starts Saturday. Can you believe that? I can't. I had an ultrasound this morning to see how fluids and other things were measuring up inside my vast internal home. Everything is looking good and Vivienne is measuring in at an average weight of 3 pounds. Wow, another surreal moment. I have a 3 pound baby. One more shocker that just blows my mind. There was never any doubt this girl did not exist, as she reminds me on a minutely basis. My wiggly alien baby likes to make her presence known with an iron fist, or leg.

I'm a bit sad I miss out on some fun drinking holidays in the next few months. Namely SXSW, St. Patty's Day and Cinco de Mayo. Grrrrrrr! I plan on making it to one free boat trip next week, only because I know there will be plentiful amounts of food and water. I'm such a cheap date. Promise me some free food and I'm there with bells on. Surprisingly, my appetite is pretty small. Let's put this another way - my eyes are HUGE and my stomach is smooshed. Plus the heartburn I get every night keeps me away from the Indian, Thai and peanut butter and jellies. I'm slightly tempted to attend a music show to see how she reacts, but after the *vacuum incident, I will bow out.

My first baby shower was last Saturday. My wonderful friends hosted the party and made it incredible. I'm waiting on pictures, and will post up as soon as possible. It's so nice to see the nursery jam packed with clothes and supplies and furniture! Just another reminder that 10 weeks is going to fly by.

*Working for a maid service has it perks - like free house cleanings. Since the house stays clean most of the time, I rarely vacuum any longer. One day when Matt was out-of-town, I decided to clean the house ahead of time so he would not see the 4 days of filth I created. I turn on the vacumm and it's like Vivienne wanted to jump out of my belly. I have never felt something so violent. I could tell she was completely freaked out by the noise. The vacuum is not very loud, as we have a Dyson, but regardless she was doing the Running Man inside my belly and trying to bust out. I turned it off and she quickly calmed down. Missed a spot so had to turn it back on and sure enough - freak out city. Moral of the story - I should never vacuum, ever. Ha!

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