Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy belly!

Now that's a BIG ole belly people. 31 weeks, a few days away from 32. Still in a state of shock at times. A few days ago I walked into the nursery and just started staring at the clothes in awe. Things are going to change people. No more late mornings, hangovers (well, hopefully less frequent), laziness, selfishness and other shenanigans like that.

I've started crafting again, making headbands that don't look gay and a baby blanket to match her nursery colors. I will not have her in those god awful gigantic fake flower headbands you see everywhere. I'm gonna class this baby up a bit. Plus I can make those damn headbands for under $2 and I see them on sale on Etsy for $25! C'mon people, where is your creative gene?

Back to my belly, did I tell you it's huge? Doc said she was making her way head down, and I can feel it migrating down in my pelvis a bit. I'm so ready to have this baby. Like 2 weeks ago. Let's just skip the labor and have her miraculously pop out one morning. That idea sounds like the winner for me.

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Anna said...

Your belly is awesome. YOU ROCK IT WELL. As for the magical baby pop--yeah, work on that. Sounds like a great and much less painful plan.