Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where did this belly come from???

Holy cow! Week 17 has been officially labeled Bump watch week due to considerable growth in my tummy area. Interesting how the last few weeks I haven't been able to see a big difference, but this week - wow!

I started prenatal yoga 2 weeks ago. It's wonderful. Being a n00b to any kind of yoga, I had some reservations, but they were all laid to rest after my first class. We spend a ton of time focusing on breathing and stretching - all good things to have a strong grasp on for the upcoming delivery. Meeting new ladies in all stages of pregnancy has been interesting and I look forward to class on a daily basis. I NEVER look forward to any kind of working out. How times change....

This Monday is our big gender reveal. You can only imagine how excited we are for this day. Both of us have a girl-vibe going, but will be happy with whatever - even a puppy! I know, I know that could never happen...

So I'll be back with the good news next week. :D :D

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