Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas present

Saturday morning found me up early so I laid in bed a bit and decided to give babeh some tunes to wake up on Christmas morning. Tuned my Pandora to Gotan Project and chilled for a few songs. Then to my amazement I felt a kick, and more than one. Could it be? Was it just gas? Nahh...that had to be a kick right?

I called in Matt and had him feel my belly. No kicks, but he was able to feel her move around inside. Regardless, I was absolutely thrilled!

Sunday morning I gave it one more try. Same station and 3 songs later more kicks. I text Matt to come to the bed since I couldn't even imagine getting up and losing this moment. Of course she is being a stinker and no kicks for Daddy. I move around a bit and I can feel something sticking out on my left side. Matt pushes it in and pokes around the area - sure enough she kicks back. I can just mentally hear her "Daddy, quit it!" I have to say, that moment made it even more real. I am carrying another human life inside me and she is saying hi.

Since yesterday, I have felt her now, pretty regularly. Even as I type this, I can feel little kicks in my lower belly and I couldn't be more happier.


Anna said...

"I am carrying another human life inside me and she is saying hi." -- love this, Dawn.

L Garcia Muro said...

Congrats,,,,on your first child. Its really awesome what love can bring to a marriage, a creation from the heavens above. God created love to be fruitful. Be Blessed.........