Monday, August 02, 2010


Zandunga x 2

Ok, it's obvious I kinda have a big crush on Zandunga. Yesterday was my birthday, and my parents offered to take me out for lunch. After my previous fantastic brunch experience, I had this urge to try lunch and dinner. Not really an urge, but more like an intense desire. Lo and behold, that craving was satisfied tremendously.

Arugula salad with candied walnuts, apricots, carrots and shaved manchego cheese

Tortilla soup

Soup of the Day - Shitake mushrooms and shrimp

Garlic talapia with roasted papas

Oh the best birthday treat a girl could ask for - crepes with cajeta


Mmmmmmm brought to you by the fabulous owners of Mi Madres - Zandunga is now located in the old Primizie Osteria location, off E. 11th. I've only had the pleasure of trying brunch, but plan on coming here many, many times for dinner and happy hour. Enjoy!

What a way to end a perfect meal! Pan dulce!

Mexican Chocolate Waffle was aaaaaaamazing. No really, say it again - aaaaaaamazing!

Sopas de Almuerzo. *sigh* so good.

Everyone loves booze and I love it more than most. Try the Guava margarita and you will be in a tropical heaven!


Dana said...

Your food looks wonderful! We finally went to Mi Madres last week (blog post coming soon) and loved the food. We'll have to find a time to meet up and do HH!

Holiday Nomad said...

omg I'm so hungry now watching all these pics of delicious food.

Dawnita said...

Thank you Holiday for the kind compliment. I like to go back and look at these pictures when I'm hungry. Helps to stimulate my drool glands :)