Thursday, July 01, 2010

Work is Not Life People! Right?

Well, this has been an interesting year, in regards to my work career. To let you guys in on what's been going on, I recently had the opportunity to move up with my current job and accept a sales management position. At the same time I was interviewing, a previous coworker from my Zanzibar days contacted me about coming to work for her company. Luckily, she kept the position open for me until I heard back from Hyatt. Sadly, I did not get the position. That, of course, left me with the opportunity to look into my friends company and see if it was a right fit for me. I have accepted the position with Austin All Maids and plan to start at the end of this month. My last day with Hyatt is Friday, July 9th. I'm very sad to go, as the people in the hotel have become a second family to me. They will be greatly missed.

I will be in charge of Marketing/PR/Social Media/Sales and running the office...right up my alley. I'm thrilled to be, once again, working with a small Austin business and implementing my ideas! You can follow me on their Twitter account - @AustinAllMaids. Also in the works - a blog. You know how much I love blogs. Keep your eyes peeled for the link soon. Now, let's get down to business - who needs their house cleaned? I think I know of a great company :)


Kristen said...

Me! How much do you charge?!

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