Monday, June 14, 2010

Find the Zoolander reference....

I have to say, one of the fun things about my job is watching the daily eye candy of large groups that stay with us. Every day brings a new group of individuals, new outfits, hair styles and smells.

I try and refrain from stereotyping a large group of people, but most of the time I can spot the type of conference going on in the hotel just by checking out the ladies in the bathroom. Sometimes I want to giggle, other times I want to offer up tips. Today is one of those days. The amount of sadly dressed, frumpy girls in the lobby makes me sad. I'm almost positive slipping them a printed out TV schedule of What Not To Wear under the stall might get me fired, but the desire to help remains. All I can do is smile and hope these clothing-challenged individuals are making more money than I could ever make with their Jaclyn Smith collection from K-Mart.

1 comment:

Anna said...

bahahahaha. agreed. maybe I should sharpie your extension in all the bathroom stalls with "call for fashion tips"