Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't throw that away!

Last Sunday afternoon turned into a craft restoration day. We have these interesting outdoor garden vase pots we bought years ago - we fill them with tiki torch oil and place them in the garden or around the retaining wall. They do a great job of keeping mosquitoes away. Sadly, the elements have weathered them away to very ugly, peeling pots. I've been on the fence about throwing them out and replacing them until we thought about restoring them with some new color.

Here is the old vase - see, it's ugly.

I sanded off the old color (which was not an easy task on a humid Sunday afternoon, mind you) and ended up with this.

Then we spray painted them with a white primer. Matt came up with this great idea to use wire coat hangers in the tree to keep the paint on the item and not on the grass.

Don't they look like apples?

TADAA! And here is the finished product. They look like new, and all it took was a few hours, some sand paper and spray paint.

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Dana said...

I love the color you painted them! I think you should have left them in the trees :)