Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Every day for lunch, I get the joyous opportunity to eat lunch in our employee cafeteria. It's a fun time, surrounded by fellow employees you don't get to see all the time. Recently the eating habits of a coworker has been brought to my attention. I believe it was a few weeks ago, maybe on pasta day. Anna pointed out his plate and all our jaws dropped. He had 4-6 pieces of garlic toast on his plate. If I eat one I am filled with guilt and shame, even though I have to admit, those suckers are greasy, buttery and delicious. Ever since that episode, we like to keep our eyes open to see what he eats next. Recently his sandwich creation was 3 layers of bread, ridiculously stuffed with meat. I have no idea how he put that into his mouth.

Today's creation was 2 layers of flour tortillas smothered with gobs of shredded cheese, another layer of ground meat and cheese added and nuked in the microwave. After this had melted, he added ANOTHER fistful of cheese and made a burrito concoction out of it. Besides this enormous meat and cheese surprise, a large bowl of vanilla pudding...completely filled to the top. We just stared at him with our big eyes and watched him prepare his lunch. I felt the pounds increase on my ass just watching this incredible feat. Never in a million years could I bring myself to gorge like that.

I'm so jealous. I want his tapeworm.

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