Monday, May 24, 2010


Interesting thought I just had - what do you do when all your social media outlets are tied into your personal/professional life? Where do you go to vent about things when you are "too connected?"

Let me know the answer because I've begun to realize the hole I'm in, and I need to dig my way out.


Drew said...

Easy - Facebook/twitter is personal with lots of privacy turned on.

Linkedin is professional. I never, ever gripe on Linkedin or post meaningless drivel. And definitely no pics of my drunken weekend.

I also have a few friends that run two completely different facebook accounts, one for work and one personal. Unless you are an artist or musician then professional and personal need to be firewalled. Just go ask any relator friends.

Dana said...

Create a blog or twitter account that has zero ties to you. You probably won't get a huge following (since it won't be like you'll be able to tell all your friends about the new venting tool) but hopefully it makes you feel better :)

Tobi said...

I felt too connected also and I thought that I was becoming less interesting so I closed/cancelled all accounts except for Facebook and LinkedIn keeping them completely separate - personal and work respectively.

weston said...

call me! i'll listen. then i'll interrupt you while i yell at my child not to lick his sister. or pinch her diaper. or... well, my point is, i might be able to distract you a little. :)