Saturday, August 25, 2007

bridal gowns

after thumbing thru my many shitty magazines i have come to the conclusion i am in love with a handful of designers.

melissa sweet
jim hjelm

regardless of the mass amounts of other dresses i go back to these boys. some of them are out of my range but they are by no reason unobtainable. one funny thing that happened last night...

i found a pile of clippings nory and i had done a year or so ago. it was mainly rings but there was one dress i clipped out. i was in love with this dress. so last night i saw the same dress and cut it out, with no clue i had done it last year until i see the old clippings. i guess that means the dress and i are made to be?

i love everything about the dress except for those horrid gloves. you can't do gloves in texas. maybe you could but i wouldn't even consider it.


this has been my "it dress" for the past few months. sadly i saw it on another model in a magazine and the corset was very sheer. the body of the dress didn't impress me on her. i'll see if i can find that picture.


another beautiful casablanca dress. i really dislike the buttons in the back though.
and that diamond beaded belt above her chest.


nory wasn't too impressed with this one. maybe i'm just in love with the model.


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