Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Life changes

So my life has taken quite the most interesting turn.  To sum it up in a few sentences, I lost my job in early January.  To be more specific on that front, I was let go.  I was quite shocked, as the company was doing quite well, actually better than ever.  But, as my friends have mentioned to me many times, things happen for a reason.  So after the shock wore off and I experienced some sad emotional problems, I am happily medicated, seeing a fantastic therapist and 100% better than ever.

As I look for work, I'm currently doing the stay at home gig with my beautiful daughter.  And I'm thrilled!  There is nothing more I have desired after Vivi was born than to stay at home and raise her.  To me, this way seems natural, as I was lucky to have my mom at home while my dad worked.  And now I have the opportunity to spend more time with this gorgeous, funny child.

Of course it is not all fun and games.  I hate cooking and cleaning.  My loving husband typically does all the above and work.  But no more.  I have a new job - and that is taking care of the house, my husband and the baby.  It's been a challenge and every day I learn something new.  My respect for all stay at home moms has greatly increased.  Kudos to you Mommies!  It's hard work.

My greatest challenge has been cooking.  Ugh, I really dislike grocery shopping and thinking up things to eat which does not make my husband gag.  I need a recipe to boil water as I am not blessed with any kitchen skills.  But that was the past - now I have Pinterest and the All Recipes app!  Total life savers!
I would highly advise the $2.99 version.  I was able to sync my saves recipes from the website onto my phone and vice versa.  Plus it has a very extensive search function and recipe spinner.  But back to Pinterest....

I have successfully cooked a few meals from my pins and crafted quite a few projects I found online.  Two more recent food hits have been baked asparagus fries and peach and brie quesadillas with lime-honey dipping sauce.
Not bad for a total novice!

I've also taken on the task of making 90% of Vivi's first birthday decorations.  I figure if I start now and do a little bit each day, I will save my sanity and wallet.  But seriously, thank God for Pinterest.  How else would I learn to make tissue paper flowers and cupcake toppers?

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Jacana said...

Happened to come across your blog and just wanted to say I enjoyed your posts. Good luck with the cooking - its looks pretty goos so far.