Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, I have hit that final stage of pregnancy where I am completely, utterly, physically miserable. I had to take off work and just recharge my batteries. Sadly my daughter had other plans for me. Her idea of fun was to spend the majority of the day stretching out and kicking me in many places. Experienced my first kick of the ribs and shed a few tears. That is NOT an experience I will forget, but I held my tongue from spewing profanities and thought of kittens and unicorns. I know she is just as uncomfortable as me.

I can't sleep on my sides because I'm too fat and I squish her. I can't sleep on my back because she stretches out and I have multiple body parts protruding out of my body at all hours of the night. I can't lay down because I get heartburn like a bitch. I can't catch my breath, I pant all the time, I complain and whine, and I sweat like a pig.

I would avoid my presence for the next few weeks if I were you. I don't even want to be around myself.


Tea Time Consultants said...

So sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable. The end results are going to be wonderful. I hope you have someone who can help you with the baby after the birth. You need someone to do the laundry, the cooking for you and your husband and help with the house work.

Been there, my kids are all grown, but I really did enjoy everyday they were home. God has blessed you to carry this stretching baby, not too much longer to go.

Anna said...

oh hey viv, it's me, Anna. Can you please give your mama a break with the yoga and crap? Yes yes, I know--she does yoga too. Wait your turn. OUTSIDE of mama you can do yoga, inside is nap time. got it? okthanksbye. miss you, love you.