Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cupcake Smackdown 1.0

Yummmm.... the Cupcake Smackdown at the One 2 One Bar was quite the event! It was super crowded the first 2 hours. The patio on the roof was packed with kids, dogs and adults... all experiencing cupcake bliss. See below for a peak of the madness that was #cupcakeriot.

We got quite a few nasty looks and eye rolls for these 2 pictures. So worth it!! (FYI - No tongues actually touched the monster cupcake.)


Lene Longoria said...

the big cupcake was mine :-)

Dawnita said...

Lene - Your cupcake was BAD ASS!! Thanks for letting us fake-tongue it!

Nickles said...

Thanks so much for including the pic of the cupcakes from Wicked Cakes! I love your shot!

Take care!

Nicole, Wicked Cakes Owner

Ashley Lauren said...

Thank you. I've just sent my boyfriend out for cup cakes.