Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's going on

Well, honestly I haven't done anything blog-worthy lately.  I did spend the entire day in the garden.  Matt came home early and we went to Lowes and checked out all the lovely plants and flowers we plan on buying this week.  Then we came home and attacked the yards and garden. They are all prepped and being watered as I type.  It's nice to have time to do these things I have never done before.  I popped a HUGE blister on my thumb from raking.  It felt good to bust ass.

Friday we are babysitting for the first time ever.  It's Sara's birthday and I told her we wanted some "kid experience."  Good thing Fletcher is a good kid.  He better be or else he gets spankings and broccoli.

Our neighbor asked us today about a car that has been outside his house.  I noticed it was there since Monday.  It had actually been Saturday.  We had no clue about it and he called to get it towed.  Come to find out, it's stolen.  Crazy huh?  If that car was outside our house, I would have called on it the next day.  At least the owners  get it back.  I peeked inside it and saw it was unlocked and the stereo face was gone.  I hope the owners have it with them.  


Dana said...

The weather has been perfect for working in the yard! I love spring time when I plant all of our flowers and plants... of course they typically are dead by the middle of summer :(

How is the Etsy website coming along?

Dawnita said...

I take pictures of everything on Monday. Then it should be opened next week! Hooray!