Sunday, October 14, 2007

motherly instincts kicking in...

before i get into my ritual of wedding talk let's mention my new maternal instincts that kicked into gear last night.

i took colotte to the vet last week for her yearly. everything seemed fine, then friday the vet calls me and says her kidney levels are high and wants to see her again for re-testing. the vet doesn't want to wait for tues morning (when she has another appointment for a teeth cleaning) but wants her in ASAP. so i bring her in early saturday morning for a urinalysis.

she's totally normal during the morning, the drive to and from. but as the day progresses i can tell she isn't right. colotte follows me everywhere in the house. she also eats her food like its her last meal. she was not hungry. she wouldn't drink milk or water. she wasn't grooming herself or meowing.

so i got depressed and pulled her into the bed with me and stayed with her all night. i knew she was sad and it made me cry. i was upset b/c she was acting so lethargic and moody. i hoped that a good nights sleep would help her forget the vet visit and bring her back to normal.

all night i had bad dreams about colotte. i was so worried to wake up and see her under the bed or worse, refusing her food.

but this morning i hear her jump on the bed and she crawls on my chest, giving me kisses! hooray...that's the colotte i love. i take her down to the floor and she chases me to her food bowl and begins to meow.

now everything is happily back to normal.

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