Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back in the day

Lately I have been listening to the latest NIN cd. I can't help but think back to a time long ago....when I was obsessed with this band and the lyrics of every song. I wish I didn't associate any Trent Reznor song with a certain person from my past. I feel like he ruined NIN for me. Of course he means nothing to me now, and I never think of him...except when I hear NIN. And it's not one of those feelings you can just ignore. It's like all the memories wash over me...like I'm reduced to watching the History Channel or golf on tv. It's just something you have to sit thru and wait for it to pass. Just one of those random thoughts I have.

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Anonymous said...

I understand this. I have the same thing with the cure Disintegration. Love the album, can't stand the thoughts that come back.