Saturday, February 25, 2006

My fun is gone

fucking myspace took down profilesnoop's ip/site tracker code. it was entertaining to see who was/is looking at my profile. i did get quite a few hits/referrals from this site so i was pleasantly shocked people really read my ramblings. its probably just because i like to post the boobies. i know the real reason folks.

i love my new job. i officially start on monday, by myself, no more training. hooray. i saw the green parrots sitting on the power lines in front of whole foods this week. i have heard of them but never personally witnessed so many wild parrots just chillin downtown. if i was a parrot i would hang out at whole foods too. i'm contemplating trying to lure one of those bitches in my car. i bet colotte would love to eat one.

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UBakatare said...

B ( . ) ( . ) B I E S ! ! !

No, it's not all about the boobies. Just 99%. But that's not ALL! Actually I ran across your stuff first at Microdoted...funny a$$ stuff there. Then yup, got hooked on the boobies(c'mon...boys will be boys).

But then I was pleasantly surprised when I read your entries. It's a good read. And I'm not a reader...I'm more of a napper. ; )

Keep up the good daily ramblings, it's good therapy. Just don't forget to keep a good perspective on things...your sense of humor is why I keep reading the stuff.

Oh and Austin a nice place to live? How about the surrounding areas? My wife and I were thinking about moving from California in the near future. We were looking in Texas and New Mexico..but I don't know any people that are from those states.

And I'm not going to believe everything I see on the Chamber of Commerce's website.
They're probably some of the same people that changed the title of "Garbage Man" -to- "Sanitation Engineer". I mean c'mon...I know they're not morons..but how many garbage men that you know can drive trains too??? Oh crap...maybe that's not what they're talking about, either. Shoot maybe I should become a "Sanitation Engineer" too.

Anywho...keep up the good work!