Saturday, January 28, 2006

It finally rained

late last night. We have been under this "RED FLAG" burning ban for almost a month now so thank you rain.

Let's see what is interesting in my world today? Nothing in particular. We woke up early and Matt made pancakes, eggs and bacon. We watched the Wal-mart documentary and The Steen's wedding video. Both were good views. The Wal-mart documentary needs to be watched by all. You will never find me in a Wal-mart even more so after this dvd. I said this about McDonald's after Supersize me came out but I think I did a considerably good job staying out of there....except for the McRib. How can anyone resist that glorious sandwich? I couldn't. So I did cheat a little bit. But that is all. I still believe that McDonald's and Wal-mart are evil and should not be shopped on a regular basis. I wish I was stronger and could add Starbuck's into that group but alas, I tend to venture into our neighborhood store. The Starbuck's down the street has excellent employees. Every single time I have gone into that store I am quickly greeted and engaged in nice conversation. No sales chit-chat, just friendly talk. I feel I can spot a fake retail/sales person before they open their mouth and I really don't see any in that store. I know their coffee is overpriced. But so is Nordstroms and I go there more frequently.

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Japher69 said...

what is the name of the wal-mart documenary?