Saturday, September 24, 2005

ACL Friday

The weather wasn't too bad. The crowds weren't either. But those beer prices.....4$ for a can of Amstel Light is robbery! Whatcha gonna do about it?

Some of the bands we saw last night were The Igunana's from New Orleans, Lucinda Williams, Thievery Corporation, and Lyle Lovitt. Thievery rocked, as expected. This was my first time to see them and I was impressed. I have all their cds. I'm cool like that already. Everyone else was good....Lyle kinda put me to sleep but I still enjoyed him. Overall, Friday was a pretty good day. We hung out with Sarah, Orly, Ryan, Elizabeth and Tennessee Bob.

Today should be even better! Party at the PoodleDog Lounge afterward 10PM folks!

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